A selection of the services that we can offer your organisation

Business Readiness Planning

Working with your community management team to ensure the required governance, rewards and recognition, moderation policies and processes are in place to successfully operate the community during and after launch.

Community Management

One of the most critical success factors for online communities, the community manager leads the effort to build, grow, and manage the platform. We can provide support and mentoring for your own team, or fill-in on a short- or medium-term basis.

Configuration & Implementation

Assistance for with environment setup and configuration of the customer’s community. Including home/landing page, global look and feel, navigation, profile fields and moderation and help/support place.


Social business solutions offer a potentially bewildering array of features, customisation points and configuration settings. We can help design and configure your community platform to best support your unique use cases and organisational culture.

Development & Customisation

Using our extensive network of partners, we can satisfy almost any demand for customised features and applications – from functionality tweaks to custom tiles and widgets, to mobile applications and integrations.

Global Support

We support organisations across the world, with ongoing customer projects across EMEA and North America. We specialise in working remotely – a great demonstration of the technology we recommend – but travel for face-to-face engagements as required.

Platform Selection

Are you just starting your community journey? Looking for a platform on which to build your effort, whether internal or external? Need advice on the best vendor to partner with, or the right package to support your plans? Our independent analysis is what you need.

Program Strategy

Implementing social business is much more than just deploying a system and inviting users. User adoption, integration with existing systems, measuring achievement of business objectives and return on investment are just some of the compelling reasons to seek expert advice.


Online community platforms are designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. But will it be used in the way that your organisation requires? Training is the answer – for execs, community managers, use-case owners, SMEs and end users. In-person, remote and recorded – we offer all.