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Walt Disney - Down New PathsNew beginnings are always exciting. Nerve-wracking? Yes, that too. But a new start never fails to make one want to get out of bed and take on the challenge of what is ahead.

That’s where we are today.

However, this is more than just a new beginning, a new path…

This community model of communication and collaboration has had so much potential for so long.

Through my previous consultancy businesses – Collaboration Matters and Social 365 – I’ve lived the heady days of the noughties when ‘social’ was the new buzzword and everyone was trying to catch the ClueTrain, through the ‘E2.0’ era when every enterprise vendor spied the opportunity to spin up a collaboration platform of their own, through to these times of ICQ clones leading the hype-cycle of IM+ as the new email…

But this feels different. The time is now.

Working out loud via online communities is no longer ‘A New Way to Work‘. It is the only way to work.

Online communities are no longer simply a virtual manifestation of their face-to-face siblings. They are the way that individuals live and teams work. The structures that bind groups and enable networks across the world – everywhere except in so many large institutions

As I stand here in May 2016 surveying the landscape of our industry with fresh eyes, I am more excited than ever about the new behaviours, structures, and technologies that are fuelling healthy, productive disruption to the industrial-age beliefs, taxonomies, and processes that still inhabit in our enterprises.

I continue to have an all-consuming passion for introducing change to those large institutions that will result in a step-change in productivity, stronger engagement, more shared experiences, improved innovation, and sharper growth.

Online communities are no longer about the ‘why?’ – we’ve beaten that question to death over the past decade. Instead, it is about the ‘how?’.  How are you…

  • Planning your community strategy for successful launch and growth?
  • Enabling your community managers to full support and encourage your community?
  • Attracting and enabling your community advocates?
  • Designing your calls-to-action to drive community behaviour?
  • Measuring the value and success of your community?

That’s why your organisation needs capable and experienced strategists to assist with any new community launch.  As Gartner state:

“Turning on collaboration software and waiting for viral adoption does not work. Successful companies drive the collaboration program like any other strategic initiative.”

So if you’re planning a new community, whether internal or external, call on Fostering Community. We’ll ensure that the new way becomes the only way for you and your users…